…with transgender politics.

Pop the tops and let the floodgates open because I’m going to open a can of worms with this one.OK not really.

What I’m really going to do is recommend the absolute best YouTube channel for politics that I’ve found to date and suggest that even if you don’t really care about politics you should watch it.  It is The Rubin Report.

The channel revolves around Dave Rubin once a week (soon to be twice a week apparently) spending one hour interviewing one person about their ideas regarding politics, technology, society, whatever.  That’s it.

Why is this such a radical idea? Three reasons.  First, it’s a full hour interview with one person (or occasionally a few people).  It’s not a race to see who can get they’re meaningless sound bites out in the five minutes between commercials.  It gives the person (or persons) being interviewed the time to really flesh out what they want to talk about and give you a clearer understanding of their ideas.

Second, the interviews occasionally hit on current events, but the show is really about, as Dave puts it, “big ideas.”  Rather than people spewing opinions on the topic of the day as fast as they can spit them out, Dave explores his guests core beliefs, why they hold those beliefs, and how those beliefs apply to the world in general and to a certain extent current events.

Finally, while Dave was a progressive and currently leans sort of left of center libertarian, he interviews guests from a wide range of view points and he lets them express their viewpoints without trying to prove them wrong.  He leaves it to the viewer to judge the opinions for themselves.  His guests have included a flamboyantly gay conservative, a feminist professor, a semi orthodox conservative Jew, one of the four horseman of new atheism, a transhumanist, the creator of the hockey stick theory of global warming, a 20 something black libertarian, and on and on.

Which brings me to transgender politics.  One of Dave’s interviews was with Blair White.  She’s a transgender YouTuber that has fully transitioned and is outspoken about various political issues, but probably not with the positions you would think.  I’m not saying this is my favorite interview Dave ever did or that this is my favorite guest he’s ever had.  (I’m not sure I could pick either of those.)  However, transgender politics seems to be an issue where people’s emotional reaction to it greatly exceeds they’re level of experience with it.  For me this interview was the first rational exchange I had ever seen on an issue that I really didn’t know what the hell to think.

And it’s not about whether you agree or disagree with their positions.  It’s all about chill the fuck out and at least hear what they have to say.  That’s what the channel is all about.  I strongly suggest you check it out because not only will you learn about a ton of different view points, but also because society would be so much better off if this was the type of public discourse everyone engaged in.

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