…for the first time (probably ever)

I had this idea a couple weeks ago, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to go through with it.  I’m horrible at keeping in touch with people, but I’ve been thinking about getting better at it.  Of course, I’m not really the small talk, “Hey how are you doing?” type.

But I’m constantly playing with new things, and I thought maybe I could just send some friends periodic emails about the new things I was playing with.  If they found any of it interesting, they could hit me back.  Otherwise it would just be a heads up about what I was doing.  I was going to make the subject line for every email “This is me checking in.”

But I have a confession to make.  I’ve always wanted one of those ‘clever’ domains where the tld (a.k.a the .com,.net,.edu,etc.) and a subdomain (a.k.a. that part before the first period in the domain usually www) are incorporated into the name like del.icio.us.  Don’t ask me why they fascinate me but they do. So after a while of the “This is me checking in” title popping around in my head, it hit me I could use the India tld .in to create a new domain.

I really wanted it to be the full “This is me checking in” phrase, but I decided that was too long.  The “checking.in” domain was already taken of course.  But surprise surprise “cking.in” wasn’t.  I don’t know what a “cking” is or why it would be taken, except that there are so many variations you could do with a subdomain that I figured it would be.  And of course now it is.

So welcome to che.cking.in.  I don’t know how long it will hold my interest, but while it does hopefully anyone that’s interested will be able to keep up with what I’m working on.  I know it’s kind of boring at the moment.  I figured I should at least write this first post and send it to some people before I got bored and forgot about it.  I’ll make some upgrades as  they interest me.  And if you some how found this site randomly online and have no idea who I am, that’s fine too.  We’ll just pretend like you’re not here. 🙂