Are we excited? Huh? Huh? Are we? Are we?Yeah me either.  I’m actually writing this weeks in advance, but short of something cataclysmic happening either before or during election day I’m predicting the only emotions I will be feeling on election day are some mixture of depressed and indifferent.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m going to vote and will most likely watch election day coverage.  It’s just that like I said before, it doesn’t matter who wins.  We all lose.

So why am I even writing this.  Well to round out my non election related political coverage, I want to close with one last piece of hope.  So far I’ve hit on a better way to talk about politics and a better way to write laws and/or the constitution.  So on this our election day, I thought I’d close out with a better way to vote.  It’s called Democracy OS.

In a nutshell, Democracy OS is an open source voting platform.  It has a lot of different features that I’m not going to get into but here is a video and an article about it and you can go to the homepage I linked to originally.

Anyway, here’s why this is important.  In addition to Democracy OS being essentially a voting app, it’s also a political party.  The politicians in the party only make one promise, they will vote on every law based on how the their constituents vote on the app.  What this means is that you no longer have to vote for a person and hope they do what they promise when elected.  Instead, every time there is a vote pending your app will notify you and you can cast your vote.  When it comes time to vote, the politician opens the app, finds out what the majority of their constituents want, and votes accordingly.  End of story.  Talk about accountability to the people.  Forget “write your congressperson”.  Instead just vote and tell them what to do.

There’s a bunch of other features worth checking out like discussion boards for each law that are designed to raise the most productive comments to the top instead of the sound bite crap we get on TV.  Also individuals can actually propose and contribute to writing laws.  There are even anti fraud mechanisms to deal with those whole hanging chad and voting dead issues.

Basically this is the technological manifestation of a better way to talk about politics, a better way to write laws and/or the constitution, and the accountability of the politicians to actually be beholden to the will of the people.  So on this election day when everyone loses, take solace in knowing that there are solutions out there and the worse things get the more willing people will be to embrace a better way.

Happy Election Day Everyone.



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