…as kind of a big deal.

I got a series of emails this morning and now, well, I kind of feel like a big deal.So there’s this thing called git and a site called github.  Rather than explaining these in detail I’m just going to link to a video on How the Internet will (one day) transform government.  It does a pretty good job of explaining what it is using a nontechnical topic that people may actually be interested in.  For those of you that skipped the video, the long and short of github is that it is a site that houses open source software that anybody can go in and edit.

The big deal with this is there are some pretty serious open source software projects out there, and lately in working on them I went in and made a couple of changes and submitted them to get included in the main software.  This morning I got three emails saying that three of those changes have been accepted.  I rock!! 🙂

Honestly, I never got why people would do things like spend time editing Wikipedia pages.  I see typos and and stuff sometimes, and always think, “I should fix those.” Then of course, I never do.  Normally when I’m using github it’s to take someone else’s code and pull it into something bigger that I’m working on, so I usually don’t submit code back.  So, this is all kind of new to me, and I kind of get the rush now.  I don’t really know how to explain it, but it’s kind of cool.

My other big accomplishment today was completely and utterly organizing…most of my life.  OK maybe that’s overselling it.  I installed some project management software and spent the entire day breaking down all my ideas and projects into tasks to simplify tracking what I’m doing and removing the need to keep it all in my head.  This is a good thing, but doesn’t feel nearly as gratifying.  Probably because it did take me literally ALL DAY!

Finally, I’ve had some complaints from the peanut gallery that people couldn’t leave comments.  I disabled this because I hadn’t really thought about people actually wanting to leave comments.  I was more worried about spammers posting spam in the comments.  So, you should now see over to the right there a link somewhere that will allow you to register.

Once you register, you can leave a comment.  The first comment by each user needs to be approved by me, so it won’t show up right away.  This isn’t a dictatorial thing, it’s just a tool to deal with those spammers. That being said, if you’re leaving a comment just keep in mind I probably know where you live.

There’s has also been a request to set it up so you’re just automatically emailed when a new post is put up.  That is in the works, but I’m not sure when I get to it.  It involves using a new software that I need for other projects, so whenever I get to the point where I need to test it out I plan on doing so here first.  Until then I’ll just email you manually when I remember.


This site is one of my projects on my new task organization software, and I just got to close my first task, “Email people about latest post.” OK.  Now I understand how people can get a rush from doing that too.


Man things change fast around here.  Had to test out a different new program and what do you know it included a subscribe feature.  So now over there to the right is a little box where you can enter your email and get notified when new posts are put up.  Or if you post a comment there’s a little box you can check to do the same thing.  See how fast and accommodating I am. 🙂

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