…and getting on with my life.

So, I’ve had a combination of traveling and personal drama that’s kind of thrown me off my game and kept me out of the head space where I felt like posting.  This post is not me coming to hash all that out, but rather to move on from it.

While I didn’t feel like posting, I did have several ideas for posts to make so I’m going to knock those out.  Since all the ideas have to do with politics and the election is only a couple of weeks away, that was also some of the motivation of nailing these all out now.

I actually have three ideas for political posts that I’ll be writing and then scheduling over the next couple days/weeks, but while I was trying to decide how to roll into those I happened to watch some of the second presidential debate.  My big take away from that debate was, “No offense, but the rest of us have real problems to deal with and would rather we didn’t have to bother with all your BS.”

I mean seriously.  I have all this crap going on in my life and I have to take time out to worry about which one of these two train wrecks are going to become the next POTUS.  And that’s what this is.  It’s the train wreck election.  It doesn’t matter which candidate wins, WE ALL LOSE.

Don’t get me wrong, I get why people are supporting both of the presidential candidates, but you have to be honest.  If you were to sit down and come up with your ideal president, neither one of these two would come anywhere close.  Like not even in the same galaxy.

The only thing that the Clintons can do for America is leave public life and never ever come back.  Even if you think every single scandal surrounding the Clintons has been blown out of proportion by the Republicans, you still have to be like enough already.  You’re done.  They have the Midas touch of scandals.  Everything they touch bursts into corruption.  Sure the Republicans are being partisan, but for the love of god can we get someone that doesn’t give them so much ammo.

As for Trump, I realize it’s cliche to call him the Reality TV Candidate, but he is.  I’m not saying no one from reality TV should ever be allowed to run for president.  That’s ridiculous.  If some freak plague breaks out and kills everyone that has never been on reality TV, then absolutely we should have a reality TV president.  Until then…

My only silver lining in all of this is that this election cycle should be the one that makes every single American pro small government for no other reason than so we never ever have to care about which wakadoo is going to become the Fuck-With-My-Life-in-Chief next.  If I had one wish, just one, for this election cycle or any future election cycle, it would be to have a well put together third party small government candidate that just came in and wiped the floor with the two party candidates.  Their entire campaign could be “Vote for me, because god forbid you have one of these two telling you how to run your life.”

I’m specifically not using the term libertarian here because this was probably their one real year to have that happen, and Gary Johnson just crashed and burned.  And I know a lot of people are thinking Trump is the one to come in and clean house, but he’s really not.  At best Trump would be a pressure valve that releases a lot peoples pent up frustration and when he’s gone everything would go back to normal.  Whether you love or hate his policies, they’re still just policy.  He’s not advocating a radical change in the system, so if he got elected four or eight years from now everything would just return to the status quo.

At any rate, my next three posts are going to be political but not really about the election.  They’re going to be about the light at the end of tunnel I’m running towards hoping to escape the train wreck that’s exploding in the tunnel behind me.

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