About che.cking.in


Welcome to che.cking.in.  If you want to know what this site is about it’s probably best to start with the first post I put up.  Other than that, this site is about me checking in with people about what I’m working on.  Most of it will probably be random stuff on the edge of new technology, which means there probably won’t be a ton of content on the subject yet.  So if you’re actually reading this you’ve probably stumbled onto this site because of some esoteric search phrase you entered so few people are talking about that this site actually showed up in the results and you’re trying to figure out how relevant this site is to your topic of choice.  The most honest answer I can give is it depends on how interested in it I am and whether or not I think anybody I care about will care about it.  Feel free to stick around and decide for yourself.  Just don’t bother the locals. 🙂