…with the rich and powerful.

On those occasions when I need to shut my brain down from the endless cycle of programmatic problem solving, I tend to watch television for the exact reason you shouldn’t watch a lot of television.  It’s a virtually mindless experience.  And my preferred genre of choice is of course sci-fi.  Yes, I know, I am the classic caricature of a geek.  At any rate my recent TV ventures have featured the idea of immortality, and they got me thinking about the idea of living forever. Continue reading “…with the rich and powerful.”

…with my fellow workaholics.

It’s 2:39am on a Sunday morning of a long holiday weekend, and what am I doing?  Working of course. 🙂  Or at least, I will be as soon as I am done writing this and probably will by by the time you’re reading it.  I actually just woke up after getting about two and a half hours of sleep.  That’s a follow up to yesterday when I got closer to four – four and a half hours.  I’m kind of in full Bill Gates mode. Continue reading “…with my fellow workaholics.”

…because I’m right.

Quite possibly my favorite words in the world are “You were right.”  And it’s not about being right.  I am most of the time, but when I’m wrong I’m OK with that and will willing to admit it.  It’s really about the vindication of someone who didn’t really believe what I was saying acknowledging that I actually knew was talking about.  The only tragedy is that it is never a lasting realization.  Inevitably, the next time something comes up they will once again doubt that I know what I’m talking about.

Today’s “you were right” dovetailed in to something that I have come to believe which is that “everything works out in the end.”  However, I may actually be wrong on that one.  Or if not wrong, at least not complete.  Maybe it should actually be, “everything works out in the end, if you let it.”

The “you were right” was in regards to some advice I had given someone, let’s call them “Bob”, about how to handle some aggravating personalities Bob had to deal with.  The advice I gave Bob essentially came down to this.  If someone’s big personality is getting in the way of you getting what you want, don’t keep pushing them on it.  That big personality will just stand in the way that much more firmly.  Instead, step back and find a different route around.  Either get the personality to come to you or recruit a bigger personality to pummel the one in your way into submission.

This advice worked out and Bob more or less got what he wanted.  However, today we were discussing another person, let’s call them “Chuck”, that was in basically the same position as Bob and was currently handling it the exact opposite way I had advised Bob.  The more the big personality refused to do what Chuck wanted, the harder Chuck pushed to get the personality to comply.  As a result, Chuck was getting farther and farther away from what he wanted, and the farther away he got, the more he did the exact opposite of what I told Bob to do.  And so Chuck was essentially stuck in a vicious circle going the wrong direction.

Somebody once said, “Do you want to be right, or do you want to win?”  As much as, my favorite words in the world are “You were right”, I don’t need everyone in the world to acknowledge it.  I’m willing to let winning be enough, even if the other person doesn’t know that I actually won, because if you want things to work out in the end, you have to be willing to take a win as a win even if it isn’t perfectly exactly the way you wanted it.  In other words, “things work out in the end if you let them.”  That being said, it is nice to watch a giant personality get pummeled every once in a while.